Is SYRCL implementing Agenda 21? |

Is SYRCL implementing Agenda 21?

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James Butler

Well, I see SYRCL is suing a federal agency for not protecting fish in the Yuba. In my opinion, SYRCL is nothing more than implementing the U.N. mandate Agenda 21.

They're not interested in protecting fish, for if they were, they would have them remove the 170,000 cubic yards of shot rock that has migrated down from the spoil dump below Englebright Dam that has been armored over vital spawning habitat.

University of California, Davis, professor Gregory Pasternack said, "The shot rock should be removed to 'exhume' the underlying residual hydraulic debris."

But since then he has back pedaled in favor of gravel injection into the Yuba below the dam to aid salmon spawning. I've sent SYRCL a video I made of the "shot rock mess" that they keep ignoring because it doesn't fit their agenda — for obtaining grant money for their boondoggle projects. Since 2011-2012, all their injected gravel got washed down during high flows and is now high and dry on the shot rock bars. I've only been here 62 years on the Yuba River, so I don't know anything.

I proclaim none of you environmentalists know what you are talking about

— always whining and complaining about things that don’t affect you.

But only SYRCL and other environmentalists seem to have a louder voice with the legislators and lawmakers that had gold dredging banned that creates spawning habitat for the salmon. Since I started gold dredging in 1975, over and over I see the trout and other fish swarm into the feed in the newly exposed gravels like an aquarium, hardly anything like Izzy Martin says, "We put the salmon and green sturgeon at 'risk,' and we stir up mercury."

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If that happens we would be stirring up gold, too. I proclaim none of you environmentalists know what you are talking about — always whining and complaining about things that don't affect you (right now I see a bald headed eagle sitting on a pine tree across the Yuba). All your wisdom is foolishness with God. You think you know more than God? Only the fool has said in his heart there is no God. You worship the creation instead of the creator.

Now if my gold dredging created 170,000 yards of shot rock that buries vital spawning gravel, what would my citation be? And if my gold dredging lowered the temperature of the lower Yuba 20 degrees, what would my citation be? I would be in the slammer until hell froze over. Yet this is continually ignored. Instead, in all their wisdom, they ban gold dredging that creates spawning gravels for the salmon, and we clean up the mercury for free. We don't have to get grant money (your taxes) to do the job that snowballs into more jobs and businesses for Nevada County (that reports diminishing tax revenue, by the way) Gee, I wonder why?

James Butler lives in Smartsville.

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