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I’m OK, thank you

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Arthur Pritchard

I don't know whom exactly to thank, but anyway … I was sitting in the parking lot outside The Union office recently where there were only two shady spots when a lady pulled up to make a delivery to The Union, and the sweetest thing happened (I am a 73-year-old male, new to the area) as I was just sitting in my car eating a sandwich.

The lady, as she was pulling away, took the time to carefully ask me with the sweetest, determined and clear voice, "Are you OK?" to which I turned my head and, in shock, said, "Well, yes, I am OK."

Well, that was not acceptable to her, probably because she had noticed that I am kind of living out of my car.

So she repeated, "Are you sure you are OK?"

“xxxxx xxx xxx, xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx.”

To which I replied, (I was stunned), "Yes, thank you."

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She smiled with a smile that put me on notice that I can't be suffering around here because people notice suffering and at a minimum will say something kind.

Anyway, it was a very knowing kind of smile.

I have been here just a little more than three months, but she really appeared at just the right time and in just the right way.

Maybe she was saying, "Wake up, mister, and don't try to hide. Just join us in our outreach."

By the time her smile ended, she had pulled away from the shady spot we had "shared" … (oh well).

All I could see as she pulled out of the parking lot was the light, bright tan Toyota and thought, "Well, I will see
her car again and say thank you then."

But you know what, I think she saw more, perhaps someone she might be missing or someone important in her own family … that kind of energy.

I hope she sees this huge thank you and trusts her gut again someday with someone else because it is these small things in life that do make all the difference.

Arthur Pritchard lives in Grass Valley.

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