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Hornswoggled indeed

Based on the definition of hornswoggled, "to get the better of someone by cheating or deception," Cheryl Cook has indeed been hornswoggled.

I guess I qualify as "one of those politi-coo-coos" because I believe our country is being led by a man who had a very unstable childhood and was, without question, mentored in Communist ideology during his formative years and beyond.

This same man, who berated President Bush for the debt he amassed, has quadrupled that number in spite of his promise to reduce it.

If it makes me "coo-coo" to be concerned about that, so be it.

States signed on to Common Core sight unseen after being bribed with “Race to the Top” money or threatened with loss of “No Child Left Behind” waivers.

Common Core standards were developed at the behest of two Washington, D.C. based trade organization in closed meetings without public debate or legislative involvement, and by committees of noneducators funded by the Gates Foundation and other liberal philanthropists.

The Common Core test creator is Linda Darling-Hammond, a close associate of domestic terrorist turned educator and self-confirmed Communist, Bill Ayers. States signed on to Common Core sight unseen after being bribed with "Race to the Top" money or threatened with loss of "No Child Left Behind" waivers. If this clandestine and dubious beginning doesn't cause you to be concerned about their motives and long term goals — you have been hornswoggled.

Just a few days ago a parent was handcuffed and arrested because he went over the two-minute limit while addressing his 14-year-ld daughter's school board about a very sexually explicit text she was required to read.

Underage girls are allowed to get an abortion without their parent's knowledge. Yet, in your opinion, the person who deems this "loss of parental rights" is "coo-coo".

Well, call me coo-coo, but if the government is not trying to take our Second Amendment rights away, why do they exploit every violent act and use it as a justification for more stringent gun laws, when taking guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens will not keep those guns from determined killers and will render those law-abiding citizens incapable of defending themselves against the bad guys? Beyond that, our forefathers knew full well the potential for a tyrannical government and gave us the Second Amendment so we could defend ourselves. If you don't think that potential still exists — you have been hornswoggled.

You can call me Christian too — for that I am. I also happen to believe, contrary to the re-writers of history, that this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values — a secular government based on religious values — an environment where everyone, even the atheist, will fare better. And if you don't believe that the HHS mandate, the removal of Christian symbols even on private property, the silencing of military chaplains and using taxpayer money to pay for abortions is an assault on religious freedom — you have been hornswoggled.

Agenda 21 calls for governments, at all echelons, to take control of all land use and not leave any decision making in the hands of private property owners "because they are not capable of being good stewards." Agenda 21 calls our way of life (living in a single-family home, driving a car, enjoying the rural lifestyle) unsustainable and suggests that our individual rights are to give way to the needs of communities as determined by a globalist governing body. Now that's coo-coo!

As for Mr. Bundy and BLM, in the 1990s the BLM drastically cut almost every rancher's permit because of the desert tortoise even though the cattle and the tortoise had coexisted for over 100 years — much like they've done with the "frogs and toads" in California, even though it is well documented that the habitat is not causing their decline — a fungus is. They make these decisions arbitrarily because they were sued by an environmental group over a technicality and chose to settle.

The settlement requires them to take land, public and private, from the citizens to protect these "endangered" species. I call that government overreach and you call me crazy. Remember, these farmers and ranchers aren't just making a living — they are providing food for our nation.

Perhaps you haven't been hornswoggled at all. Perhaps, instead, you just don't appreciate the exceptional freedom we have in this country, don't respect the document that protects those freedoms or choose not to see the erosion of our liberty.

Maybe you believe in an ideology different from the Democratic Republic I love. I'm grateful for our liberty and if fighting to keep it makes me "coo-coo," I will wear that title proudly.

Sue Jeffrey lives in Grass Valley.