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Grass Valley’s water company not customer friendly

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Kristy Bennett

I am writing to complain about Global Water Corp.'s (which has been handling the City of Grass Valley's water for a number of years) total lack of customer service. I haven't been able to get the company to even send or email me a bill every other month.

The really sad part is that I also can't get the password they gave me to work on their website.

Calling Global Water is gruesome with the long waits. As usual, last November, I didn't receive my bill either by email or snail mail (even though I repeatedly requested this). So, I paid my bill late as I had a hard time getting the total due. I paid by check directly to the city clerk, seven days before shut off.

But two days prior to the shut-off date, I started getting automated phone calls and emails from Global every few hours, stating that my water was going to be shut off. I own and live in a four-plex, which means if the water gets shut off, it shuts off my water and the water for all my tenants, too. This could cause me unpaid rents and grievous phone calls from the tenants. What a nightmare!

I called Global again, and after a long wait I finally got ahold of someone, but that person stated that they hadn't received my check from the city clerk that I had paid six days earlier. Also, the clerk hadn't make a note on my account, so my water was going to be shut off.

I offered to pay again (which I've done one other time when they lost my check) but was refused this time as I told them I had paid already.

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I was also told they had no way of stopping the automated phone calls and emails, which kept coming in every few hours, stating that I was to be cut off.

So the day of shut-off arrives, and they still haven't found nor cashed the check I had given to the city — now seven days prior — and I'm still receiving endless cut-off warning emails and voice mails. I guess the check was lost in their corporate system, again.

I have spent a huge amount of time on the phone with many different clerks. They have no complaint department and you are not even allowed to speak to a supervisor. So, as my only recourse, I went down to complain to the city of Grass Valley directly. There was a man in front of me who was complaining very loudly about "the city's water monster," so I just waited.

In about two minutes (without an apparent phone call!), the police arrived and the officer swept him away (with the man still yelling). I left the city's offices and decided I would use my pen to complain, so I wouldn't be harassed further by being arrested for complaining.

Are you having trouble, too, with the city of Grass Valley's water provider? Are you upset by the increase of $100-plus? Help out and write your complaint to the Grass Valley City Council at P.O. Box 125, Grass Valley, CA 95945.

Kristy Bennett lives in Grass Valley.

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