GOLF COMMITTEE — Foursomes? Fivesomes? |

GOLF COMMITTEE — Foursomes? Fivesomes?

The Golf Committee has an opening for a voting member to finish out this year (through January 2018) and potentially to continue for another two-year term after that.
Anyone interested please contact Jim Quintal (
At our last meeting we discussed the pros and cons of changing our groups from fivesomes to foursomes, and after much debate decided that there is no compelling reason at this time to change to foursomes.
We also discussed cart usage on the Course. The more carts, the more wear and tear on our turf.
Unfortunately, with the extreme weather we have had this year, the turf is already overstressed, so cart usage really takes a toll.
Please, whenever you can, buddy up and ride two to a cart! Thank you for your concern for our Course.
And lastly, please remember that we utilize the 90-degree cart rule. This is also to minimize cart impact on the turf, so please adhere to this simple procedure. If you have questions about what the 90⁰ rule is, ask the Pro Shop or an on course marshal.
Hit 'em straight!

By Jim Quintal, Golf Committee Vice Chairman

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