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Enough policing, crime coverage

Probably the worst part of living in Nevada County is the big drug trade. It affects the entire culture here. The growers don't bother me that much except that they don't pay their share of the taxes needed to run a functioning society. And they facilitate a dysfunctional one.

One of the ways they contribute to a less functional society is that they give the cops an excuse to have a bloated budget and police force. And a bloated, sometimes idling police force, combined with sometimes idling teenagers, always seems to equal a run-in of one type or another. And the collision of a county cop with a teenager is like a run-in between an 18-wheeler and a bicycle — the cop always wins and, depending on the teen, they are scared for life if they survive at all.

And The Union makes matters worse — much worse — by putting peoples' mug shots on the front page. They rely too much on police reports for their copy and should see a bigger role in our community than that. Like reporting on the recent NU graduate who was in Africa two weeks ago working for the United Nations Foundation, who was there when two other UN representatives were killed. That requires reporting and investigation; at least they need to adhere to "innocent until proven guilty."

The esteemed Mountain Messenger stopped reporting the names of the arrested until proven guilty and haven't listed names or mug shots since. Abe Lincoln said, "Public opinion counts. In fact, it's the only thing that counts."

Police, please stop overpolicing; and to The Union, please stop overscandalizing our fellow citizens until proven guilty.

Charles R. Durrett, principal architect at McCamant & Durrett Architects, The Cohousing Company, lives in Nevada City.

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