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Enough already. It is time to break out our shorts!

Men's 18 Hole Club

By Glenn Martin

At last spring is here! Well according to the calendar it is. As I'm writing this article, the rain is still falling from the sky. The aeration is underway and there is more rain and snow in the forecast. Enough already. It is time to break out our shorts, take our darn enclosures off our carts and start playing some Green Flag golf. We did get spoiled with a couple of Green Flag days and for a golfer with a wicked slice it was nice to have all my clubs at my side to get out of the trouble I find myself in.
April Tournament Results — April 5 was one of our major tournament events, followed by a delicious dinner and Men's 18-Hole Club Meeting. The weather, the dinner, the meeting and the guest speaker were all great and for those who won the raffle, the meeting was even better. Here are the results of the day:
Men's Club 2017 Low Net
Blue Flight: 1st (tie), Jim Keck and Tom Fridman  (Net 68); 3rd, Stephen Ennis (70); 4th (tie) Bill Hamilton and Jim Voss (75)
Oak Tees Flight: 1st, Doug Dorfmeier; 2nd (tie), Gene Vanderplaats, Mike McKee and Ron Marenco (71)
White Tee Flight: 1st, Kenneth Bloom (62); 2nd  Orv LeNoue (67); 3rd (tie), Ken Mlack and Ron McCauley (70)
Green Flight: 1st (tie), Larry Maday and Vince McNamara (66); 3rd (tie), Charles Zimlinghaus, Frank Robinson and Mike Ferguson (68)
And DFL in the Green Flight was yours truly.
Men's Club 2017 Net Skins — For this, to keep it simple I will mention those who won over $8 in skins: Dan Bartlett, Oliver Nordby, Dick McCallum, Doug Szyper, Richard Mahoney, Louis Samaniego, Earl Libby Trujillo, Daniel Holloran, Miguel Martinez, Ken Haney, Ken Schroeder, Jeff Seid, Mike Duffy, Dennis Armstrong, Larry Seelig, Dave Wiik, Robert Trujillo, Bob Stutz, Dick Singleton, Richard Colburn, John Morello and Terrence O'Rourke.
Congratulations to all our winners.
TPC Standings – Top 10
1st, Gene Vanderplaats (159.5); 2nd, Jim Quintal (145.8); 3rd, Douglas Dorfmeier (132); 4th  Tom Fridman (131); 5th  Delton Price (127.5); 6th Mike McKee (119); 7th Orv Lenoue (117); 8th Dave Doench (106); 9th Kenneth Bloom (105); and 10th Larry Seelig (104.5).
It's a tight race for the 1st annual TPC trophy and the rest of you better get your game on to catch Vanderplaats and Quintal.
New Members — We would like to welcome Ron Ban to our Club. We look forward to seeing you on our beautiful course and meeting you and your wife JoAnne at the 19th Hole.
Here's to a great year of golf and remember double up in your cart if you can. Your friends can't be that bad to hang out with for four hours.

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