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Editorial— Aloha, Debbie

We now say goodbye and thank you to a good friend who has guided this Association for the past two and a half years. We say goodbye to our General Manager, Debbie Casey, and wish her Godspeed and success in her new job with the Hualalai Club on Hawaii's big island.
Two and a half years ago we were facing many challenges, not the least of which was a clubhouse that needed to be razed and rebuilt. That alone would have been challenge enough for a spanking new general manager. Then along came collapsing culverts, virtually a complete restaffing of our Administration personnel (along with two physical moves), reconfiguring of our Security Department, an in depth study and rebuilding of our reserve funds . . . the list goes on and on. The road was bumpy at times and the learning curve steep, but Debbie stuck it out with a solid performance, a warm word and a winning smile.
Never underestimate the complexity and challenge of this job as general manager of a large proprietary homeowner's association. Although we are by definition a corporation, we run more like a small city, with all its attendant problems and political ramifications. The job requires long hours, endless meetings and a never ending parade of stressful moments. It encompasses all of the problems of day to day operations, financial integrity, personnel issues, emergency situations and many, many egos that require soft stroking.
Through it all Debbie stood tall, made the tough decisions and saw the Clubhouse through to completion. Now it is time for a gentler chapter in her life. Aloha and Mahalo, Debbie.

The TWI Editorial represents the consensus of opinion by members of the 5-member board consisting of Wildwood residents, former LWA board members, TWI writers and community leaders.  

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