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Done with Summer!


OK! I'm done with summer.
Never thought I'd say that, but this one really sucks!
Experts say the Earth's axis tilted 3-degrees a few years ago. Don't remember the cause and really didn't think much about it.
I'm not a scientist, not even close (ask anyone) but it's clear to me, our weather patterns are changing. I arrived in Nevada County in the late 70's at the end of a four year drought
Average rainfall in Grass valley was listed as 50 inches. The rain events lasted about three consecutive days, followed by a week or two of sun and moderate temps.
Summertime heat waves showed a similar pattern—three-day extremes with 10-14 days of average temperatures to follow.
After our recent four year drought, the most welcomed rain returned, but with a troubling diametrically opposite pattern—10 days of rain, with a brief three day break.
We are seeing the same pattern in our summer pattern…10 days of extreme heat with a two-three day break.
Again…I'm not a scientist. I'm not really very smart. This is just my observations and can be easily challenged by others with more knowledge.
Regardless the reason, I'm ready for it to be done.
One more question for those who can answer…What will be the effect on the local weather, once the millions of dead and dying trees are removed from the nearby forests? They gotta go. But if trees affect the climate in the South American rainforest, how can it NOT affect us in the Northern Hemisphere?

Speaking of science. It appears the testing of Lake Wildwood's water for E.coli is more complicated than first thought. As of Tuesday-last, a public health advisory to stay out of the lake remains in place. Test results have not yet been completed. The pool appears to be the only relief from the extreme heat. Thanks go to the Administration for opening it's use to all members by suspending the normal user fee..

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