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Did I miss something?

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Cheryl Heward

When did we convene a Constitutional Convention? What's happening to our nation? I can remember when the U.S. Constitution was revered and respected. Now it is reviled and persecuted by those who have sworn an oath to protect and defend it and the people it represents against all enemies, foreign and domestic!

Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated, when speaking to Egyptian officials in 2012: "I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in 2012. I might look at the Constitution of South Africa, that was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, had an independent judiciary … It really is, I think, a great piece of work that was done …"

Holy Hannah, what is that?

Isn't she ruling on whether things are constitutional or not? It seems to me that a Supreme Court justice should be proud of our Constitution. How do we know she can be trusted with ruling to uphold it? As far as I am concerned, if a Supreme Court justice is suggesting that people from another country not use our Constitution as a trustworthy model for their own law of the land, that justice should be removed.

It is agonizing to watch the destruction of the cornerstone of America

— the “We The People’s Bill of Rights and Constitution” ...

Then, we have the Senate Majority Leader Reid, who managed to usurp Article 2, Section 2, of our Constitution that says if two-thirds of Senate present concurs, and now the current president (registered as the New Party/Socialist Democrat) and Democrat majority-ruled Senate are able to appoint justices without advice and consent as the Constitution prescribes!

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Just a few short years ago, President Obama and Vice President Biden both argued against this very same "nuclear option," which is clearly unconstitutional. So we now know the "nuclear option" means blowing up the Constitution so Barack Obama doesn't need to complain that he is fettered by the constraints of the Constitution.

I like our Constitution. It is for us (We The People). It protects us and constrains would-be tyrants, dictators and extremist kooks everywhere. If the Socialists, Marxists, "love plants and animals — hate people crowd" and atheists who dislike our Constitution (that also protects them), why don't they just move to a country that fits their ideology? Their way of thinking is touted just about everywhere else on the planet. America is the only place that has given us the freedoms we've all enjoyed for the last 237 years. The U.S. isn't perfect, but never in known history has there been such a wonderful system that has protected its people so well from out-of-control government (tyrants).

It is agonizing to watch the destruction of the cornerstone of America — the "We The People's Bill of Rights and Constitution" that enshrined in a beautiful contract the inalienable God-given rights we all have, from the moment of our creation, a pursuit of life, liberty and happiness (property).

The extremists are destroying our way of making a living and caring for ourselves and have been working overtime, using our tax monies (grants) against us while we are finding it harder to make ends meet. Each of us must decide to do nothing, stick our heads in the sand or humbly deal with our own individual immorality and then expect those who represent us to conduct themselves morally, also.

This was addressed by Thomas Jefferson, who stated: "Our Constitution is entirely inadequate except for a moral people." Unless individuals take responsibility for their own behavior, their own thinking, stop abusing freedom and living dishonestly, this representative republic (our founders very carefully avoided establishing a democracy that would end in mob rule and lawlessness) will not stand.

Here's another question that begs an answer. Can an atheist, one who professes no belief in a higher power (God), swear an oath? Who does he/she swear their oath to? Themselves? Hummm.

The current administration couldn't legislate away the 2nd Amendment (another inalienable right). Most Americans understand we have a right to protect our lives and property. But did you know that the last lead-production company in the United States was recently forced to close? So how good are weapons with no ammunition going to be for self protection? Are we supposed to rely on China for our bullets now, too? Absolute idiocy!

I end with this question. Which of your unalienable rights do you want to live without and still think you are not living under tyranny?

Cheryl Heward lives in Nevada City.

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