Common Core brings dangerous line of thinking into schools |

Common Core brings dangerous line of thinking into schools

Chuck Frank

Common Core, which is the unconstitutional centralization of public school standards and national policy, will now encompass the religion of U.N. Agenda 21: "save the wolves," let the trees burn, turn off your A/C, and do your math 'cause we're going to Mars.

Instead of getting valuable and productive instruction on the "logic" of algebra, students will actually face mathematical word problems about gay couples. In one story problem, you have a reference to "partners" in a household rather than a mother and a father. This is math logic reinvented. A little here and little there, just chip away at the foundational Judeo-Christian culture that has been the rock of the nation since 1620.

Historically, the "Mayflower Compact," signed by 40 pilgrims, stated that their arrival in America was for the glory of God. Will this be part of the children's Common Core equation? It is Plymouth Rock where America's story begins with a small number of pilgrims who came to a new land to experience freedom and to escape religious persecution and a divided, oppressive nation called Great Britain.

As the 13 colonies progressed, America became a nation of independent public and private schools. Yet, one of the greatest educational footnotes in American history was that Thomas Edison was home-schooled by his mother and never attended college. As for the Wright Brothers, they were also home-schooled and never attended college, either. Education in America has a lot of twists, but all and all, creativity and innovation have always been the product of "independent" minds. However, Common Core seeks to compartmentalize education from the top down, systematically and collectively. It is a psychological form of political persuasion, interwoven between the lines and comparable to the fascist takeover of Germany's state schools during the 1930s, which promoted a progressive, nationalistic and socialized brainwashing curriculum.

A little here and little there, just chip away at the foundational Judeo-Christian culture that has been the rock of the nation since 1620.

If you think I am overreacting, I strongly recommend that you do some research and challenge this observation.

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A dangerous comprehensive indoctrination is at the very rotten core of this new curriculum, which will be Obama's grand transformation of American education. Where is the mainstream media on this one? They surely were not blowing the trumpet. No, they are an accomplice whereby the nationalization of Marxist education has begun.

Furthermore, books that would normally open the eyes of the students to where they would have even questioned government and any sinister political aspirations are gathering dust upon the shelves of truth. The Common Core movement seeks to limit valuable knowledge through purposeful censorship while promoting the collective state. By design, it is made so that the Constitution and the truth will take a back seat to the rapid advancement of international causes, while terrorism will be used as a major fear factor. For the "global public good," say goodbye to privacy, freedom and liberty as the nation becomes the victim of a globalist plot eliminating individual thought and rights by stealth, while teaching students their new responsibility to mother earth.

Besides those states that are failing national test scores in math and reading, what then is really generating this supposed urgency of the Common Core agenda to where our own Constitution is even at risk? Well, we don't have to go very far to find the answer to that. Here is a quote from U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan during International Education Week —2010 that sheds more light on the subject:

"We are reminded that the challenges we face today are increasingly borderless. Climate change, the environment and the economy are but some of the issues that affect our daily lives and demand our attention on a global scale. Finding sustainable solutions is imperative and will require an unprecedented level of international cooperation."

Thus, Common Core becomes the basic educational blueprint for the new world of "sustainable development," while students, parents and teachers alike are unaware of a shadow elite who is behind the magnification of an agenda that will transform the sovereignty of nations.

Chuck Frank lives in Penn Valley.

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