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Chickens trapped in a cage

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Thomas J. Streicher

Hail! Greed is crowned the new king.

More is never enough for some people, even if it is at the expense of others, as in war, racism and discrimination. Just as misery attracts company, greed attracts those who continue to dwell on their own misery of never having enough.

On the macro level, many global and American corporate kings coupled with fanatical religious cult leaders and other ultra-rich are good examples of greed, as they continue to steal our resources for their own benefit. The middle class shrinks, while more citizens become poor.

On the micro level, official puppets of the rich reinforce new laws affecting the loss of our human rights along with demanding more money for essentials, such as water, energy and public property, and also raising taxes. The expectations of a culture that embraces the motto "Go along to get along" are now buried deep inside the Wall Street pocketbook.

Now is the time to gather our courage and rely on our own strengths to stand up and fight the corrupt leadership that is based on greed and fear.

Hey, where did all those protestors go?

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America has been sold out from under us because we have allowed ourselves to be fooled by corrupt leaders who told us what we wanted to hear while they fulfilled their own personal agendas.

Why, for instance, did we outsource so much of our economy to China? Our attachment to capitalism and materialism has blinded us, as if we plucked out our own eyes to shield us from the truth. Like chickens trapped in a wire cage, we become stagnant, as the nails of our feet grow and attach themselves to the floor. Now we don't seem to notice or care anymore because of what could be considered a state of ontological shock, where a breakdown of a world view can no longer be denied. Are you feeling trapped like a chicken in a cage? Be careful: The ax is about to fall.

What tends to be lacking in our country is courage, the courage to change. We are somehow deficient in the courage to question authority and the ambition to do something about the misuse and abuse of power, even though we can no longer deny it is happening.

Throughout history we have been known for relying on our leaders for the answers. Now is the time to gather our courage and rely on our own strengths to stand up and fight the corrupt leadership that is based on greed and fear.

We must break away from our fixation on materialism that has caused us an over-abundance of suffering and an inability to evolve further. Our greed for possessions has influenced our willingness to wage war against those who threaten our possessions. Now we are paying the price for our violent actions. We must wake up from our self-medicated trance and say "no" to the wrong things while supporting the right ones.

The opposite of courage is fear, and no one does the right thing when coming from a fearful mindset. Courage is our most important virtue; for without it, we cannot tackle fear. Fear has great strength if left unattended. Not being afraid is truly one of the greatest paths to living a meaningful life. Remember those famous words from the past: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D., is founder/director of Divine Spark, Inc.

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