Chef Chris leaves, Chef Lott steps in |

Chef Chris leaves, Chef Lott steps in

We have been notified that for personal reasons Chef Chris Fagan has chosen to resign his position. We thank Chef Chris for his hard work in helping us re-start our restaurant operations. Chef Chris played an important role is our initial success and he will be missed.

Though Chef Chris is leaving, he has left the kitchen in good hands. A few weeks ago we brought on another chef to assist Chef Chris and his name is Christopher Lott. Yes, another Chef Chris. But for now we’ll call him Chef Lott. Chef Lott will temporarily assume the overall responsibility for the kitchen. We are confident Chef Lott will maintain the vision and standards set by Chef Chris while adding his own flare. We do not expect any setbacks in our day-to-day operations.

As we bid farewell to Chef Chris Fagan we welcome Chef Christopher Lott.

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