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Cathy’s Space

Those of us who log onto our Next Door site will find comments about our community that range from extremely negative to totally supportive of the activities taking place. Much of what is posted is not fact-based, but just opinion or assumption. Yes, there are quite a few things that need to be improved upon, but posting complaints on a web site doesn't solve the problems. Becoming involved to provide solutions will go a lot further.
If you look around, you will see your neighbors and friends delivering meals on wheels, visiting the elderly, distributing food to those in need, raising money to provide scholarships to our young students, providing culture and music programs as well as theatrical productions for our entertainment, even coming to the aid of those who can no longer do minor repairs to their homes.
I don't remember this so much when we were younger and entrenched in our jobs, raising our children, and totally engaged in climbing the financial and social ladders. It might even have something to do with living in a busy city where one rarely interacts with neighbors or establishes circles of friends.
It doesn't take much to realize that going into retirement and leaving the bustle of a large metropolis to move into a serene, idyllic spot of natural beauty changed not only our lifestyle, but also our values and what seems to be more important
We all have done well in our lifetime and have achieved some level of success, and now want to give back and help those who need a little support and encouragement. We are now ready and have time to make friends—I mean good friends—who are there when we need them and with whom we enjoy working, playing, learning, loving, and especially partying. We are a community. We are a Village. We are truly blessed. — Cathy Fagan



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