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In late October, on a cold and rainy day, a very large oak tree fell onto our garage roof. Luckily, no one was hurt, but just seeing the damage that the massive tree did was frightening. I called the insurance company and within 24 hours, a tree service was here, removed the tree and placed a tarp on the open hole. It was all downhill from there.
Because of the very wet, severe weather we have been having, and with the many reports of fallen trees, leaking roofs and damaged gutters, the local roofers and contractors have been overwhelmed with calls. They do come out immediately to tarp open holes, which is a good thing, but the actually repair can take months. My roof work is still not finished.
Falling trees are no joke. They cause injuries, great structural damage and even death. Living under the oaks, as romantic as it may sound, is a real risk. Aging and diseases take their toll, so trees need the care and attention given other plants and shrubs in yards and gardens.
Take a look at the trees on your property. Check for rot in the trunks, weakened roots and large branches that could potentially break off in high winds. An examination by an arborist or tree service is worth the fee, considering that a fallen tree could eventually cost thousands of dollars in repair.
When out walking or running, be aware of the trees that overhang the street. If you hear creaking or even worse, loud cracking, get out of the way. The tree is going to fall.
Report any tree that looks like it could eventually cause problems.
The wet season is almost over, and the sun will probably be shining as you read this. So, now is the time to act to get those trees in good shape for our long, hot summer.
Stay safe. — Cathy Fagan

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