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Cap-and-trade costs begin in state

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Herb Lindberg

From the "Pollution permit" in a recent article in The Union we learned that California laws for cap-and-trade will have turned into the promised nightmare in California Nov. 14, 2012.

That is when the first $964 million in "pollution permits" were sold for CO2 emissions in 2012-2013 and pre-sold for 2015 (what happened with 2014?). That's a billion bucks down the drain, which you and I will be paying for when we use anything that releases CO2, mostly electric power plants but much more widespread. This is just the beginning, as the cap will be placed lower in future years so "polluters" will have to buy even more permits.

This is maddening because in the first place CO2 is pollution only according to man-made law. In natural law, it is a necessary part of life for anything that breathes — animals, plants, fungi, humans and all. It's more maddening because the reason our lawmakers have put a price on CO2 emissions is that they say it is the primary cause of global warming. It is not the primary cause of global warming. The dominant greenhouse gas, by far, is water vapor. The amount of CO2 is less than five percent of the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, and man-made CO2 is a small fraction of that. And it is not that CO2 heating produces water vapor, and hence, its effect is amplified.

Absorption (or reflection) of the sun's heat by water in the sky is determined by whether the water is in vapor form (greenhouse gas) or in cloud form (reflecting surface). And this is determined by the intensity of the solar wind, which shields the earth from cosmic rays by deflecting them away from the earth. (The universe is flooded by cosmic rays coming from far away super novae and similar cosmic events.) The indicator of solar wind is sun spot activity.

In natural law, (CO2) is a necessary part of life for anything that breathes

— animals, plants, fungi, humans and all.

In periods between sun spot activity cosmic rays are free to hit water vapor molecules, which produces particles large enough to collect water vapor into droplets, much as dust does. Clouds are formed by these droplets and reflect the sun's radiation back into space. During sun spot activity, far fewer cosmic rays enter the atmosphere and water vapor is free to act as a greenhouse gas to heat the earth, and between activity clouds are formed which cool the earth. Data sets collected over decades and over 400 years show that the earth's temperature closely follows sun spot activity. When sun spot activity (and solar wind) goes up, earth's temperature goes up, and when sun spot activity goes down the temperature goes down.

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For a more authoritative summary and also a movie that amplifies on this, and much more,visit:

This is no longer a philosophical debate. They are beginning to spend our money directly, beyond the clean-energy subsidies we are already paying. Get informed and complain.

Herb Lindberg, who has a PhD in engineering physics from Stanford University, lives in Penn Valley.

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