California law AB 1266 hurts those born as girls |

California law AB 1266 hurts those born as girls

The "Co-Ed Bathroom Law" (AB 1266) could single-handedly destroy Title IX (female athletics). It puts born girls (gay, straight or transgender) in added danger of being sexually assaulted. It increases their risk of sports-related injury, reduces the number of born girls playing competitive sports and could potentially decrease scholarships for born girls.

As the mother of a female student athlete, I am livid that feminist and lesbian organizations support it. AB 1266 is a misogynistic law; it also defies both science and logic. Regardless of political party affiliation, any parent of a born girl should be fiercely against AB 1266. This should not be about political ideology but about biology.

According to, author Lexa W. Lee, who holds a Bachelor of Science in biology, a naturopathic medical degree and has served as a postdoctoral researcher in immunology, "Athletic differences between men and women have much to do with innate characteristics determined by genetics and hormones. These include height, weight, muscle mass, body fat and aerobic capacity (males have larger hearts). As a group, women do not run, jump or swim as fast as men. Women are also more prone to certain types of athletic injuries than men."

Women are more prone to knee injuries because of our wider hips, and our bones are less dense than males, increasing our risk of fracture.

Schools should protect all students (gay, straight, transgender, etc). We should fight for equal rights for all, not more rights for some.

If a born boy (with denser bone and muscle mass) is on the girls' basketball team and goes up for a layup and lands on the leg of a girl, her basketball career is most likely over. In contrast, if a girl landed on the leg of a born boy, his physiological advantage would likely protect him from injury.

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Once one girls' team has a physiologically advantaged born boy on their team, every other team in the league will also need at least one born boy to stay competitive. AB 1266 turns the girls' team into a co-ed team; girls will be cut to make room for born boys.

This law allows any born boy to play on a girls' team; it doesn't matter if the athlete is taking hormones or not. Even if a male transgender transitions both surgically and hormonally, that will not change his skeleton, bone density or heart size into that of a female's.

Schools should protect all students (gay, straight, transgender, etc). We should fight for equal rights for all, not more rights for some. Before this law, if a born male exposed his genitals to a born female in the girl's bathroom or locker room, that would be considered sexual assault. Now it is not? How long before sexual predators use this law to access their victims? How long before a predator uses the "I identify as a girl" defense to avoid prosecution? Because predators will likely use this law to abuse girls, the reputations of innocent transgenders will be tarnished. True transgenders just want to participate in life equally, without being hurt.

A common-sense solution for a transgender student athlete is to compete on a boys' team, where each student athlete is judged equally on performance, rather than appearance. Thanks to Title IX, there have been girls playing on boys' teams since the early 1970s. It doesn't matter if that athlete is transitioning from male-to-female, female-to-male, or is an exceptional female athlete … the best athletes should make the boys' team.

Another common-sense solution for the bathroom is that any transgender student could use faculty restrooms. AB 1266 will force girls to clean up after born boys. Why should girls have to put the toilet seat down or clean up urine on the toilet seat after it is used by a born boy?

It is time for parents (gay, straight and transgender) to speak out against the patriarchy of the male-controlled gay lobby. This law hurts girls, and none of the female empowerment organizations seem to care.

California's girls have enough to deal with. Sacramento is one of the leading cities in the nation for sex trafficking, and victims are overwhelmingly girls and young women. Nationally, one in four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted infection, not to mention the media's constant objectification of women.

Unfortunately, the Democrat-controlled state legislature passed this bill, Gov. Jerry Brown (a Democrat) signed it into law and Secretary of State Debra Bowen (a Democrat) is currently fighting to stop a ballot initiative that could overturn AB 1266. Please urge her to allow the voters of California to protect our girls by adding this initiative to the ballot.

Amy Smith lives in Auburn.

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