Broken promises from ASPOA board of directors |

Broken promises from ASPOA board of directors


Sadly, it appears that the Alta Sierra Property Owners Association's board of directors is not interested in healing old wounds, although others are.

On Dec. 13, I received an email from the ASPOA (I am a member), which said in part:

"The delivery of a binding ruling by arbitrator Simon should bring us all relief from the conflict that has plagued our community for months and gives our association the opportunity for a fresh start. We have all agreed upon the importance of resolving disagreements with respect and a civil dialogue. Let's put aside our differences and all work together for the benefit of our membership as agreed upon in the mediation settlement. Instead of resorting to recalls, lawsuits and inflammatory newspaper articles, let's use the agreed upon concept of a conflict resolution committee to receive, review and decide issues where there is disagreement. And let's call upon the members to provide input for program priorities and large expenditures by the association."

Yes, I could go for that for I am tired of the fighting, as is everybody else, but I was particularly attracted to this part:

"Let's put aside our differences and all work together for the benefit of our membership as agreed upon in the mediation settlement."

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And so, in this spirit, Kathy Montiero offered in a true offer of reconciliation Dec. 14 to the ASPOA board (I have a copy of the email on record):

"Sorry I missed the meeting. I will volunteer for the landscape maintenance chair, which is open. In the five years that I contributed to improvements, I never went over budget, contrary to the misinformation supplied. And if that would come up as a reason to deny my volunteerism for a position I would do better than anyone, you will need to prove it from records and minutes, of which I have copies.

"I look forward to returning the entries back to their former appeal — Kathy Monteiro."

To this, Leigh "Lee" French (vice president of the ASPOA board) responded Dec. 16. 2014 (I have a copy of the email on record):

"Kathy, Thank you for your interest in volunteering for service to our community as chair for landscape maintenance. The announcement that the chair was open was a mistake as it was already filled. A revision to the chair assignments was necessitated by the agreement to the MOU to establish a conflict resolution committee This was placed under the Architectural Review Committee chair. Under this concept, there is no longer a community standards chair, which was serving also as landscape maintenance. Therefore, the chair was already filled. Please be advised that any previous response to your offer to volunteer by a board member represented that person's personal opinion and in no way reflected other board members' views.

"We appreciate your interest and hope that in the future we can advise you of an opening that will be acceptable to you.

"Thank you, ASPOA Board Of Directors."

So much for Kumbaya, I would think, sadly. So much for reconciliation from the board of ASPOA. It appears a false promise from what I have seen. Hopefully they will prove me wrong.

Paul Reilly lives in Alta Sierra.

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