BOS chair’s rebuttal lacks any supporting data |

BOS chair’s rebuttal lacks any supporting data

On several occasions in the recent past and finally at the Aug. 12 Nevada County Board of Supervisors meeting, Chair Nate Beason has made public comments in an attempt to discredit the economic impact estimate prepared through the dedicated work of a dozen or more Nevada City Chamber of Commerce members affected by the recently passed Outdoor Events Ordinance.

This estimate was prepared using a combination of sources: a survey of the affected businesses, county recorder data enumerating the total number of weddings performed in Nevada County in 2013, economic information from a national wedding industry association, and some background research by a Dean of Business at a College in Bangor, Maine (a community with similarities to our own) on the "tourist dollar multiplier effect". We are confident this is the best information available.

We shared this information with the County Executive's office upon their request, in the interest of an open and beneficial discussion of the negative economic effects of the Ordinance, as proposed. We received cordial acknowledgement and no comments, either negative or positive, from the CEO.

The nature of Chair Beason's rebuttal was nothing less than dismissive, with no publication of supporting data at all, and an allegation that the Chamber has been disrespectful in presenting factual information. Nothing but hand-waving, pencil-pointing and pooh, poohs.

It's a poor form attempt to discredit the hard work and diligent research of a number of people dedicated to the economic vitality of our County.

A correct rebuttal would at least include a competing written economic analysis of some kind. The fact is that the available data and supporting information has already been shared, and no other is available to our knowledge, except the completely unsupported verbal remarks by Don Bessee and Andy Wilson at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

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Paul Sieving

Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, president-elect

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