Boardwalk a one-stop shop of many benefits |

Boardwalk a one-stop shop of many benefits

Quite a bit has been written lately about the negative impact of the Nevada City Boardwalk and that it should be removed. I thought I'd enumerate some of the benefits I have noticed about this curious structure.

I don't do drugs, but if I decided to enter that realm, it's nice to know that the town fathers have created a place where I can go shop with assurance — a one-stop shop where I may acquire any drug at any time of day. As I sit in Friar Tuck's and observe the transactions, it's gratifying to know we have such a resource.

I do appreciate the arts, and while glasswork is not my particular favorite, I do admire the colorful beauty of the glass pipes sold at the boardwalk. The striking blues, yellows, reds and more that swirl in these glass pipes is quite pleasing to the eye, and the tasteful wood presentation case used by the vendor has a particular style to it.

I am not a downtown merchant and so it doesn't distress me that this area has been rendered off limits to tourists. More room and less congestion for me!

It's fascinating to watch as tourists turn the corner and encounter the scene on the boardwalk and then quickly reverse course, go home and tell their friends about what has happened to Nevada City.

Our civic leaders should be proud of discouraging the clutter of tourists.

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With such a small town, it's likely that our police, from time to time, find themselves with little to do. Fortunately, the boardwalk ensures job security! Any time they want, around the clock, they can drop by the boardwalk and spend an hour doing good police work, trying to enforce laws that are observed properly in other towns but frowned upon in Nevada City.

Our country was founded by brave souls willing to fight the establishment, and this tradition is on proud display on Commercial Street.

Boldly showing defiance for all smoking ordinances, the denizens of the boardwalk create a cloud that is difficult to avoid. If you happen to miss the haze, just look for the countless butts all over the street around the boardwalk. Stand up to the establishment!

Originally, the reason given for the boardwalk was to draw a certain element away from Calanan Park, which is the gateway to tourists. But in this field of dreams, it's true that if you build it, they will come. So build it we did, and now the population of these colorful people seems to have doubled so that we can enjoy their entertainment both at the park and at the boardwalk.

Parking? We didn't need those parking spaces anyway. Nobody with a car worth more than $200 would park on Commercial Street, only to return and find four people sitting on your car, snubbing out their cigarette butts on the fender. So really, no valuable space was lost by removing parking in what is already a highly congested area.

So it seems to me our civic leaders have created quite a personal accomplishment.

Oh there is one thing I do — I vote! And I will vote against every person in every capacity that has had anything to do with the creation and continuance of this incredible public nuisance.

Kevin Fraser lives in Nevada City.

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