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Become a tutor with PiELL

The people who contact Partners in English Language Learning give many reasons for wanting our help. One of the most important reasons to improve their English skills is to succeed in their present job or to get a better job. They come to us with the hope that we can help them improve their communication skills. We think you'd be impressed by the hard work our learners do, fitting studying with their tutors into already busy lives.

Our adult learners want to be able to communicate better with their children's teachers.

This may be the most important goal, as our learners know that if they are able to understand what their children are being taught and the obstacles they may be facing in middle and high school, then their children and the entire family will have a better chance of achieving success in life. It is an important goal to want a better life for their children.

One of our recent PiELL graduates, Ai Ming, who prefers to go by the nickname Mandy, came here from China three years ago with the hope of becoming a U.S. citizen. As soon as she began meeting with her tutor, Margaret Glaeser, she asked for help studying for the citizenship exam. We have a large resource library in our office, which includes a great series on citizenship. Mandy took the exam more than a year ago and passed. She was so excited and grateful to her tutor. She hand-wrote a wonderful letter to us about her success and thanking Margaret.

Hope is what brings our learners to us

— hope for a better life for themselves and their families.

Hope is what brings our learners to us ā€” hope for a better life for themselves and their families. Our volunteer tutors come to our program to help people realize their goals and often, while doing so, make a new friend in the process. That's why the most fulfilling part of my job at PiELL is matching tutors with their learners. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, we will be offering our two-day New Tutor Training Sept. 21-28.

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For information call Donna Cobb at 530-274-8428 or visit where you can find our latest tutor training information and application.

Donna Cobb is the program coordinator for Partners in English Language Learning.

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