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Wes Hawkins

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Another shopping center we don’t need

You wonder why people don't trust government. Reinette Senum is absolutely correct; this was the hidden agenda behind the Dorsey Drive interchange all along. Just what we need — more shopping centers.

I moved here 35 years ago to get away from urban sprawl. You want all this stuff, then move back to the city where you all came from. Why did you all move here in the first place?

They cry about the loss of tax dollars but chase out a corporation that would have opened a gold mine that would have provided real jobs that would have paid good, livable wages and provided a huge tax base.

It makes me wonder how much support this developer provided to the groups against the Idaho Maryland mine project.

Can't have a dirty old gold mine next to a high-end shopping center.

Doesn't it make anyone else mad that the taxpayers are footing the bill for the interchange when it's all designed to benefit a developer? Oh, wasn't the sales tax increased to help pay for the interchange?

I also see the beginnings of the housing development at Idaho Maryland and Brunswick roads has started; have to have more housing to support more shopping.

Where's all the uproar over this? I give them one fire season before residents of this development complain about the air tankers and demand the closure of the airport.

Oh, and where is Izzy Martin and the Sierra Fund? That's a big hill full of serpentine rock, a form of asbestos they want to build this on.

She just held a meeting in Foresthill the other day about all the toxic materials in the dust throughout the Mother Lode.

I also love the reasoning behind this — that it will keep tax dollars here and provide jobs. Did the development of the Brunswick Basin, Kmart or Raley's shopping centers keep tax dollars here? Obviously not, since the same argument is being use to build this one.

They need to look into cleaning up and modernizing the shopping centers they already have.

Wes Hawkins lives in Grass Valley.