Alta Sierra board is plain irresponsible |

Alta Sierra board is plain irresponsible

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Gerald Gates

Over the past few weeks, I have spoken to many Alta Sierra residents. The picture I get is very clear as to why they are so upset with the former board of directors. They are upset that so much money was spent without any input from the members of the Alta Sierra Property Owners Association.

For several years the annual legal expense budget for ASPOA has been $1,500, maybe occasionally $2,000. In 2012, the BOD overspent that budgeted amount. In 2012, they spent $10,000 on legal fees. In fact, during 2012 and the first eight months of 2013, the BOD spent a total of $25,000 on legal fees to explore the option of converting ASPOA to a mandatory HOA.

They did all of that without once asking the members how they felt about the idea. That is just plain irresponsible. In July, when confronted with an angry membership, they polled their members and found that the members overwhelmingly rejected the plan and the course the BOD had taken.

So during a 20-month period, the BOD raised membership dues from $25 to $40, slashed the budgets of all the other programs and overspent legal fees by more than 600 percent. All of that happened without any input from the members.

All of the financial information I have divulged is contained in the accompanying graph (see below). It is also readily available from the ASPOA website meetings-financial- information.

Gerald Gates lives in Alta Sierra.

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