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A schooling on the John Birch Society

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Dorothy Markese

I am 95 years old and a member of the John Birch Society since 1964.

At no time, ever, was racism a policy of the society. The public knows little of John Birch and the John Birch Society.

John Birch was a missionary to China and much respected by the Chinese because he lived with them. When our bombers bombed Japan, they were told to fly as far into China as their gas supply lasted. They were then to ditch their planes and look up John Birch, and he would guide them safely out of China. They did, and he did, and none of the flight crews lost their lives. Later in a skirmish with the Communists, John Birch was shot and left to die in a ditch. His Chinese friends were prevented from helping him by the Communists.

All this and more can be found in the book, "The Life of John Birch."

As for the United Nations, the only two senators who voted for non-membership of the U.S. into the United Nations were the only two senators who had read the treaty — typical of Congress. If it sounds alright, vote for it and don't bother to read about whatever the issue is. The John Birch Society was formed in response to the dangerous direction the country was headed and still is: disregarding the Constitution.

There were black members in the John Birch Society. One I remember distinctly was a lovely lady by the name of Julia Brown. She had joined the Communist Party, and when she realized what communism was all about, she went to the FBI. They asked her to continue membership in the Communist Party and report back to them, which is what she did. Later she joined the John Birch Society. She was assigned to the John Birch Society Speakers Bureau. She went about the country sponsored by the John Birch Society to speak about her experiences. She should have become a national sensation, but then, as now, the John Birch Society got only bad publicity.

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I think people who criticize the John Birch Society have never read a line of the JBS material — books, informational pamphlets, the monthly JBS bulletin and anything available, and there is a lot.

Being employed in a U.N. office does not qualify one as an expert on the U.N., and the vast political arena it is. There is enough furor over Agenda 21 to suspect that where there is all that smoke, there is probably a fire.

The John Birch Society is not secretive; it is on the Internet. Look it up at JBS.org.

I am 95 years old and reside at Golden Empire Convalescent Hospital because I became unable to do the shopping necessary for getting along. I moved to Grass Valley March 29, 2009, to be near my daughter and her family. Before that I was in San Francisco and Englewood, Colo.

Dorothy Markese lives in Grass Valley.

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