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A little communication could save big $$$

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Gary Fosburg

When you were growing up, did you ever notice that they stripe the highways, and then two to three months later, they tear it up again?

Or that they pave the highway and start putting in sewer/drainage/electric pipes and tear up the new asphalt? Well, it's happened in lovely Grass Valley.

I happen to live on Rattlesnake Road. About a month ago, the striping crew repainted the center line and edge lines. Last week, an asphalt patching crew patched over these newly painted lines.

So let me throw some logic at you.

First, they striped the road. That's one. Second, they will now have to re-stripe the road again. That's two.

Wake up, Grass Valley. It's the 21st century! If the striping department would just talk to the asphalt department and schedule striping after repaving or repairs, just imagine how much paint, gas, man hours, etc., could have been saved.

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Furthermore, if they (the departments) had discussed and organized, the re-striping department would not have touched Rattlesnake until after the repairs or re-asphalting of the road, they could have paved two different roads, saving all that expense. Effectively, they would have re-striped four different roads for the price of one. Clear as mud?

On a side note: Rattlesnake Road is the Rodeo Drive of Grass Valley: Bicycle clubs, motorcycle clubs, car show buffs, and even the Amgen Race drives down Rattlesnake. So why is it the bumpiest road in Grass Valley?

Gary Fosburg lives in Grass Valley.

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