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A heartfelt thank you

I want to thank The Union and the entire community for your overwhelming love and support throughout my recent crisis. The house burglary and theft of my beloved harps was an unbelievable trial, and I truly needed my "village" around me to weather the storm.

Without all of you, I would never have recovered most of my harps nor held myself together through the shock and stress. I am eternally grateful for the great caring, which you expressed in so many ways! Now I am hoping the last big Dusty Strings (36-string harp) will be found also!

Cory Fisher's expertly written report on the front page of The Union set into motion an amazing sequence of events. Cory clearly understood and depicted the greater significance of this loss — as one for the whole community, not just for me. Consequently, Channel 13 CBS Sacramento's reporter, Anjjali Hemphill, was touched by the story, hunted me down for an interview and aired the story that evening. Without these efforts, my anonymous "angel" would never have spotted the harps at Denios flea market. Then two of our wonderful Nevada County sheriffs met me at the market to process the recovery of the harps and some of my jewelry. The extremely helpful staff at Denios happily paraded us off in victory, reveling in an outcome that rarely occurs.

So many of you were so kind. Dear friends, family and even strangers mobilized to help me make and distribute posters, send emails, register on stolen instrument sites, organize fundraising events (our "one and only" KVMR and Joanna Newsom, producing two of them), visit pawn shops and music stores in Sacramento, alarm my house, lend me harps and helped in so many other ways.

The thousands of calls, letters and emails bolstered my spirits and determination to deal with this very surreal experience. It is like living in a movie full of drama and sadness but also so much love through the blessing of community! I am forever grateful to everyone. I consider myself very lucky that the little harps are back to be enjoyed by the patients at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Cancer Center Harp Therapy Program and that my performing harp can still be at future local events.

But mostly, I am grateful that I live in this very loving and caring community. The Union's R.L. Crabb recently published a wonderfully creative cartoon reminding us all that "Home is where the heart is." From the bottom of my heart, I am immeasurably glad that Nevada County is my home.

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Lisa Stine lives in Nevada City.

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