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A few New Year’s resolutions for the US

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Janet Farahmand

Never again will our government leave any of our ambassadors, or his/her personnel, without proper security and assistance when in trouble. Never again will our government invade its own citizens' privacy simply for personal or political reasons, using terrorism as an excuse for the inexcusable. Never again will our government use the IRS to delay, or deny, rights because of political reasons. Never again will our government set up a mandatory program that puts its citizens' personal information at a security risk.

Our media will report only the real news and not slant it toward a particular party by lying to our citizens (whether news people, politicians, the president: lying should be a jailable offense. It must be ended).

Our government will stick to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights (relevant forever). To do otherwise should result in losing the politician's position.

Our government will look into the use of drones. We must not be killing women and children going to a wedding. The use of drones should be a last ditch measure only in extreme cases.

Our government will stick to keeping our country secure. It should stay out of social issues (gay anything, education, abortion, our choices of what we eat/do to our bodies, pork for such things as turtle crossings and studies on things for foreign countries, etc.) Federal government exists for a few issues which it is ignoring. A strong military presence keeps peace. Our military has been severely weakened.

Our government will treat our service personnel and veterans with the utmost respect. People who are volunteering to give their lives for our country should not be living on poverty levels, qualifying for food stamps. The wounded should not have to rely on getting noticed by charity groups to get the help they need. They deserve the best medicine possible. Pensions of veterans should be plentiful and not reduced to balance the budget. What is spent on illegal aliens would be more than enough to cover this. But politicians see votes in the illegal aliens.

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Our immigration department does need to be overhauled. It must deny illegal citizens. Do we have laws? Do these people respect our laws? Perhaps, because they have seen that we do not live by our laws, they can abuse them. Our government must look at other issues than Mexicans from the southern border. No person with far-out views should be allowed to enter our country without first signing an agreement to abide by our laws only. We will not apply other countries' or religions' laws because they want to change us. (We should all know by now that not all "change" is a good thing.)

Our government will not waste its taxpaying citizens' money. It may not seem like much to those lawmakers who have numerous, secret sources of stockpiling wealth. (Someone, in particular, should be ashamed of criticizing Romney for his wealth, as this person has gouged every chance he could to take more than his share – often at citizens' expense.) Pork deals aimed at increasing the likelihood of re-election must be ended. In case the government spenders have not noticed, the citizens' pocketbooks are empty. Term limits for politicians, severe cuts in politicians' ridiculous pensions and non-political representatives involved in what monetarily can and cannot be included in bills, will help. In no way should politicians be giving themselves pay raises.

Our government must end its over-reaching to take medical issues out of citizens' hands. If they really wanted to help the poor and uninsured, they would set up a program to do only that. We could have paid for such a plan three times over by now. We would not have had to force people to lose their doctors and medical insurance they were happy with, while paying more. No government should force people to buy insurance. This whole scam was an attempt to bring down our country's medical status and take over our citizens' rights. No one with a brain would want this.

Our government must stay out of the way of our businesses. It is a proven fact that when left alone, businesses will flourish. Drop all the restrictions keeping businesses from success. More jobs would be created. Fewer people would be homeless. Get real about environmental and climate issues. Use common sense, not scare tactics to line your pockets with money from your solar stock.

God bless the U.S.A. God keeps his promises!

Janet Farahmand lives in Nevada City.

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