Recently I had the opportunity of attending the semi-annual luncheon of the Penn Valley Fire Protection District (PFVPD) Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary is a group of generous volunteers who staff the Thrift Shop (located at the back of the Fire Station in downtown Penn Valley). At the luncheon Fire Chief Don Wagner and I were presented with a check in the amount of $45,000 to augment our equipment fund.

Twice a year we receive similar checks from the Auxiliary. These funds are used in the purchase of replacement fire engines and ambulances. Several weeks ago we received a brand new fire engine that now resides at the Lake Wildwood station.

The new engine, purchased at a cost of $525,000, replaces a 1989 fire engine. As an aside, the 1989 engine cost $135,000. You can identify the new engine because we added the words "Paramedic" on each side door. This is an important notation because every engine and ambulance is staffed with at least one paramedic.

We are the only Fire District in Nevada County that has paramedics on each apparatus. Without these supplemental donations from the Auxiliary we would not be able to replace ageing fire engines and ambulances on a reasonable schedule.

I encourage you to consider making donations of items you are disposing of to the Thrift Shop; to make the Thrift Shop your first stop when looking to purchase items; and, when you are there, to thank these wonderful volunteers. Because of their efforts the Thrift Shop has no staffing overhead, so all proceeds are presented to the Fire District.

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David Farrell
Member, PVFPD
Board of Directors

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