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Transitional kindergarten

Thank you for your recent article on transitional kindergarten. I would like to clarify that transitional kindergarten funding is available under current law.

Nevada County districts and school districts across the state should be confident that transitional kindergarten funding is and will continue to be available.

Funding is not contingent on any ballot initiative; it is here to stay under the law of the land. School districts will receive full per-pupil funding for the children who would have entered kindergarten before the recent entry date change and who will now be attending transitional kindergarten.

In the same way that kindergarten receives funding per student, school dollars will follow the young cohort of children into transitional kindergarten.

Transitional kindergarten is a momentous opportunity for our children and our state. I am excited to see western Nevada County schools and others across California launch transitional kindergarten this fall.

We at Preschool California are supporting teachers and administrators with the new transitional kindergarten website, an online resource with practical, expert-recommended tips and tools.

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