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Bob Wyckoff

Notice: I’ve been away from my computer off and on for the past two months and missed answering most of my e-mails pertaining to the Feb. 9 photo history feature, for which I humbly apologize.

Here are those who guesses came in after Feb. 12 and were not listed last time: Brewer, Alling, Nunnink, O’Hara and Fondiller. I really appreciate all those who regularly play our little photo history quiz. I’ve had people stop me in the street to give me answers and tell me that they play regularly but don’t submit answers. Okay, now to Feb. 23: D & P Painter, Townsend, Dundas, Berggen, Hartnick, TroyEllen, Goodspeed, Drievold, Valceschini, Brunell, Stewart, Dodds, Worden, Jaynes, Flanigan, Hayden, Clingan, Worthington, Sowell, Holbrook and Evans.

Answers to: bobwyckoff@sbcglobal.net or PO Box 216, Nevada City CA 95959.

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