Thanks to a kind young man |

Thanks to a kind young man

Maxine Shumaker

On Dec. 19, I had an occasion to take my 6-year-old granddaughter to the Grass Valley bowling alley. Briefly, I got lost and ended up in Nevada City. The traffic was terrible. I stopped at a parking lot in Nevada City to ask a young man and his girlfriend if they could tell me how to find my way back to the bowling alley.

The young man was so kind and told me it was a bit confusing and that he would guide me back to my destination. I followed him in his bright red pick up as he guided me safely back to Grass Valley. He even pulled into the parking lot and waved goodbye. I did not get his name but hope he recognizes the situation and knows how grateful the two of us were.

God bless you, young man, for your kindness, for helping me – a tired and lost “mature” grandmother with her granddaughter. You made our day. Your parents would be proud of you.

Thank you, again.

Maxine Shumaker


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