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Weaver battles through penalty in Utah

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Local motorcycle racer C.J. Weaver took to Toole, Utah, for Round 6 of the AMA Supersport series, notching a top-10 finish and earning some key points in the AMA Supersport West Coast championship.

After qualifying in ninth place with laps of 1 minute, 58 seconds, Weaver knew he was on pace with the rest of the field as 12 of the top times were within 0.5 seconds of each other in qualifying.

On the start of race 1, Weaver's foot started to slip, and he lost his balance a bit before letting the clutch out to get his balance, but the AMA considers that a jump start and assesses a five-second penalty. Weaver rallies for a great start and jumps quickly into fifth place and then over the next 13 laps he gets drafted by riders and he drafts back. He finished in eighth place, but due to the penalty it is recorded as 13th place. Weaver was not happy with the decision or with his riding. He said the bike felt a little soft, and he could not get a good drive out of the corners.

In race 2, some changes were made to the rear shock, and it was stiffened so Weaver could get a drive out of the corners. Weaver got a great start and was up into sixth place but lost four spots due to the draft. He was in 10th place when a red flag occurred.

On the restart, Weaver got a good start and battled to stay with the front runners, finishing in sixth.

Weaver moved into fifth place in the AMA Supersport West Coast championship. He has one race weekend left. Weaver heads to New Jersey Motorsports Sept. 12-13, where he will need to get at least 18 points between the next two races to move into fourth place for the championship.

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If anyone wants to follow his events and his training schedule go to CJ Weaver Fan Page on facebook and like it. You can then follow his progress.

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