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Teens take 3 of 4 top spots at Daffodil

The Union Staff

The Gold Country Grand Prix kicked off April 14 at the Daffodil 5K/10K Run with hundreds of participants showing up to race the Penn Valley course.

The relatively flat course and mild temperatures made the day perfect for setting strong early-season times.

Logging the day's best time in the men's 5K was Nevada Union senior David French with a time of 17 minutes, 2.5 seconds, earning him 10 points in the 15-18 age group. In the women's 5K, it was another Nevada Union runner, Nora Pizzella. The 15-year-old finished in a time of 22:15.7. The women's 10K winner showed age is but a number as she took first overall and in the 50-59 AG with a time of 42:38.8. The men's 10K winner was Devon Cloud, 15, with a time of 41:01.4.

Other women's 10K AG winners were Robin Lawless (1:02:10) in the under 10 AG, Holly Harrison (53:19.5) in the 15-18 AG, Amanda Bratton (45:35.6) in the 19-29 AG, Lisa Moeschler (51:57.2) in the 30-39 AG, Shelly Pearce (44:24.3) in the 40-49 AG, and Sandra Hansen (56:27.7) in the 60-69 AG.

In the men's 10K, five-year-old Travis Willsey (1 hour, 19 minutes, 38 seconds) won the 10-and-under AG, Bryan Hauke (54:21.4) took the 11-14 AG, Taylor Eick (44:33.9) claimed the 19-29 AG, Damon Demetre (41:35.4) placed-first in the 30-39 AG, Robert Kahl (48:47.2) was in the top spot for the 40-49 AG, Philip Desjardins (42:22.2) won the 50-59 AG, Greg Jewett (50:04.8) was first in the 60-69 AG and Ronald Gross (53:50.4) crossed the finish line first in the 70-99 AG.

In the men's 5K, AG winners were Henry Keeyan (24:00) in the under-10 AG, Colby Scanlon (20:13.2) in the 11-14 AG, Taylor Oul (17:47.6) in the 19-29 AG, Larry DeFeyter (19:30.6) in the 30-39 AG, Rob Taylor (19:52.6) in the 40-49 AG, Frank Castro-Wehr (22:49.9) in the 50-59 AG, Denis O'Halloran (20:42.8) in the 60-69 AG and Gary Loucks (26:39.5) in the 70-99 AG.

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In the women's 5K, AG winners were Caitlyn Sullivan (30:34) in the under-10 AG, Nicole Fairbanks (24:15.5) in the 11-14 AG, Cortney Wilcox (25:11) in the 19-29 AG, Jennifer Arruda (24:13.9) in the 30-39 AG, Marlene Mahurin (23:21.7) in the 40-49 AG, Anne King (24:10.3) in the 50-59 AG, Heide Agler (28:11.9) in the 60-69 AG, and Cathy Jones (45:58) in the 70-99 AG.

The second stop on the Gold Country Grand Prix is Saturday at the Spring 5K and 10K, which is presented by the Nevada City United Methodist Church.

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