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Riding in Agony once again

The Union staff

Cyclists ride in the The 31st Agony Ride in the Sierra Valley last year. Left to right are Dave Robinson, Ed Townsend, and Ken Sorensen.

Nearly 100 cyclists will pedal toward agony today, riding for 24-hours straight in an effort to help rescue wayward youths.

The Christian Encounters Ministries is hosting their 32nd annual Agony Ride in the Sierra Valley today and Saturday. Proceeds from the event go to Christian Encounter Ministries, which is a Grass Valley organization that provides residential counseling and education for youth.

Last year's ride brought in a record $153,000 (approximately), and since the ride's inception $2.5 million has been raised, said Charlie Cazin.

In the 2013 Agony Ride, 96 cyclists tallied just under 20,000 miles combined, and were led by Grass Valley's Manuel Prado who covered 342 miles. Grass Valley's Carol Douglas led all women with 303 miles. Both Douglas and Prado will be riding again this year. The current record is 444 miles in 24 hours.

The Agony Ride originally started in 1982 when six riders went from Death Valley to Mount Whitney in 24-hours, since then the location and the amount of riders has changed, but not the intent.

For more information about the Agony Ride and Christian Encounters Ministries visit http://www.christianencounter.org/agony-ride.

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