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Powerhouse’s dynamic new digs

The Powerhouse MMA Training Facility in Grass Valley has been cultivating fighters for years, and with its recent move to Olympia Park Road, the owners are looking to put Grass Valley on the MMA map with a gym unlike any other in the area.

"We're trying to make things more exciting, fun and challenging in different ways," MMA fighter and Powerhouse owner Lisa Jeanson said. "We want to attract more of the martial arts world's attention to Grass Valley. Put us on the map. That's what I want to do."

Jeanson, who ran Powerhouse for several years at its McCourtney Road location, has partnered with Hugh Harris, as well as a silent partner, for this new incarnation of the fighting facility.

Harris, a veteran Muay Thai practitioner who has taught and fought in New York, Atlanta, Hawaii and New Zealand, adds another form of martial arts to Powerhouse, which is known for Brazilian jiu jitsu and kick boxing.

"It's the ultimate level of striking," Harris said of Muay Thai. "It's learning how to strike with precision. They call it the science of eight limbs because you use your knees, elbows, hands, feet, shins. You use everything as opposed to boxing, where you just punch the head, punch the body. You're using your whole body in sync and defending yourself at the same time. So you learn self defense, and you push yourself to your physical limits."

Much of what Powerhouse offered at its McCourtney Road location remains. It's what they've added that sets this facility apart from others.

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While on one side of the new building you can find all the ingredients for an MMA fighter's dream facility, right down to the cage that encapsulates the training area, on the other side is a plethora of activities meant to make getting or staying fit fun.

Named the Dynamic Movement Center, it boasts a wide range of activities and classes that will tickle almost every athletic fancy.

The Dynamic Movement Center offers classes in break dancing, Pilates, belly dancing, capaweta, kettle bells, primal cross training, Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D. TRX training, gymnastics basics and more.

Heading up the Dynamic Movement Center is Spencer Ozmun, a local physical trainer who describes his style as "strength and conditioning with a yoga twist on it."

"I kind of get people to buy into this understanding that not only is it a physical act, but it's also an emotional release," Ozmun said. "It's also an ability to work the mind and possibly rewrite the stories they've written about themselves, because a lot of people have self-limiting language about themselves."

Ozmun, who formerly worked at Wild Mountain Yoga, said he wants to offer a place to work out that reaps results but also brings smiles to his clients' faces.

"When people exercise, it's not only about the physical change," he said. "You almost see a different sparkle in the face and the eyes."

Back on the MMA side, Jeanson and Harris have hopes of building a fight team that will represent Powerhouse. They also hope to host tournaments and fights in the future.

"This is a serious MMA facility with fighters and with the addition of all those fun classes and all those fun ways to train your body, I don't think I've seen anything like that," Jeanson said.

"We have so much help, so much talent so many great ideas, I just think it's fantastic to take all that and use it."

The facility held it's grand opening at 158 Olympia Park Road in Grass Valley on Jan. 11 and currently offers a cornucopia of classes that run from $5-$10 per class.

For more information on the facility, call 530-272-2900 or visit http://www.powerhouse-mma.com.

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