NU in need of pole vaulting coach |

NU in need of pole vaulting coach

The Nevada Union track and field team is in need of a pole vaulting coach, and if they don't get one soon they may have to scrap the event, said NU athletic trainer Jamie Wise.

"If we can't find a coach then we basically have to forfeit the event," Wise said. "For safety reasons we need someone out there that knows what they are doing."

The Miner's have about 15-20 pole vaulters on the track and field team, with five that pole vault exclusively, said Wise.

Nevada Union had a pole vaulting coach in place for the 2013 season, but the coach withdrew due to family obligations.

Wise said the coaching opening has been posted on a few websites but there has been no response, and he is now turning to the community for help.

"There's got to be somebody in this area that's done some pole vaulting," he said. "We're looking for someone with experience in pole vaulting either in high school or college, and we're looking for someone that knows the proper techniques and safety procedures."

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The possible loss of the event would come one year after Nevada Union installed an $11,000 pole vaulting pit.

If interested in coaching pole vaulting contact Jamie Wise at 530-274-4431 ext. 2129, or Angie Marino at 530-274-4431 ext. 2126.

The NU track and field season starts Feb 4.

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