Little League: GV Giants close season with win |

Little League: GV Giants close season with win

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The Grass Valley Junior-Division Giants played their last game of the season Monday night at Sierra Foothills.

After losing the championship Saturday to the Yankees, the Giants rebounded and played well enough to win 12-11 over the Cubs.

Two defensive plays were critical to the Giants coming away with the win.

A pop fly was caught by catcher Luke Cornish while colliding with pitcher Gary Menary to end the fifth inning while trailing 11-10 with the bases loaded.

The other play came in the bottom of the seventh with runners on first and third and no outs. The Giants, counting on the Cubs to attempt a double steal, threw to the charging shortstop who then fired home to catch the runner from third looking to score the tying run. Then the runner from first tried to continue around to third, but Cornish again made the play by throwing to Cole Johnson at third who then threw to shortstop Menary who tagged the runner out. Just your average 2-6-2-5-6 double play.

Adam Dennis then struck out the last batter to get the save.

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Hitting stars for the Giants were Dennis, going 1-for-1, with three walks and a hit by pitch on his way to scoring four runs. Ryan Elkins was 1-for-4 and scored three runs.  Menary got the win from the mound and was 2-for-5, scoring twice and knocking in the winning runs on a hard hit ball to the third baseman who could not handle it. Cornish added to his fantastic defensive game with a single and a run scored. Donald Cameron had a single and finished the year 11-for-27, a .407 batting average.

Ryan Bradshaw, who started on the mound, was 2-for-4 with three RBIs.  Finally, Evan Rashby was 2-for-3 and scored twice.

The Giants finished the season 14-7.

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