Hundreds take part in annual Daffodil Run |

Hundreds take part in annual Daffodil Run

The Union Staff

Nearly 500 runners and walkers, including the race founder for which the race is named, showed up at Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley Sunday to take part in the annual Joanie Bumpus Daffodil Run 5K/10K.

The Daffodil Run is the first of 11 races in the Gold Country Grand Prix and kicks off the 2014 race season in Nevada County.

In the men's 5K race, Grass Valley's David LaPlante, 48, was the first overall finisher, crossing the finish line in a time of 19 minutes, 11.8 seconds. In the women's 5K race, it was Caroline Sekercan, 22, of Rocklin taking the top overall spot with a time of 21:13.8.

Other age group (AG) winners in the women's 5K were Jadyn Hull (28:07.2) in the 1-10 AG, Isabelle Smith (24:07.3) in the 11-14 AG, Kali Arvidson (23:13.3) in the 15-18 AG, Marley Mueller (21:29.9) in the 30-39 AG, Angela Heung (27:39.9) in the 40-49 AG, Rose Asquith (22:56.1) in the 50-59 AG, Karen Henderson (27:15.4) in the 60-69 AG, and Judy Luce (27:59.8) in the 70-99 AG.

Other age group winners in the men's 5K were Bradley Gribas (23:46.8) in the 1-10 AG, Davis Olsen (20:26.4) in the 11-14 AG, Skyler Cotton (20:26.2) in the 15-18 AG, Robert Kirkpatrick (24:06.5) in the 19-29 AG, Daniel Swartzendruber (23:08.3) in the 30-39 AG, Robert Warner (19:49.2) in the 50-59 AG, Mike Buzbee (20:50.1) in the 60-69 AG, and James Beckett (24:15.2) in the 70-99 AG.

10K winners

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In the men's 10K race, Grass Valley's Jim Pelton, 34, took the top spot overall with a time of 38:59. In the women's 10K, the first place finisher was Smartsville's Inka Mims, 53, with a time of 44:50.

Other AG 10K winners in the women's competition were Joy Castro-Wehr (46:56.1) in the 15-18 AG, Neena Johnson (51:48.7) in the 19-29 AG, Alina Edwards (48:56.9) in the 30-39 AG, Stefanie Roberts (46:18.5) in the 40-49 AG, and Debbi Suzuki (1:06:40.5) in the 60-69 AG.

Other AG winners in the men's 10K were Max Wright (50:27.8) in the 1-10 AG, Jackson Pirtle (1:07.56.7) in the 11-14 AG, Devon Cloud (41:01.8) in the 15-18 AG, Jake Duryea (46:35.7) in the 19-29 AG, Sergio Higareda (42:19.1) in the 40-49 AG, Alex Danner (46:56.9) in the 50-59 AG, Greg Jewett (49:54.4) in the 60-69 AG, and Daryll Beardall (1:09:51.8) in the 70-99 AG. Cloud was the second male finisher overall and Higareda was the third overall finisher.

Winners in each age group receive 10 points toward their Gold Country Grand Prix standings.

The Grand Prix makes its next stop in Nevada City for the Spring 5K/10K on April 26.

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