Grass Valley local looks to take on Toughest Mudder |

Grass Valley local looks to take on Toughest Mudder

Tackling the Tough Mudder is no easy task. After all, it's a 10-mile course riddled with muddy obstacles that challenge the body and mind.

But for one Nevada County local, it's a task she plans to tackle over and over.

Reny Kaufmann, 28, took on her first Tough Mudder last year as part of the South Yuba Club team. This year, she is sponsored by and is braving the mud-filled event as many times as she can, she said.

"I just like the challenges," Kaufmann said. "I like running, too, but the obstacles make it real fun."

Kaufmann, a Grass Valley nanny from Switzerland, enjoys the Tough Mudder so much that she did it on both days last weekend, finishing in just over two hours on both days and being the second female to finish both days, she said.

"I thought I might do one Tough Mudder on Saturday, but then on Sunday, I felt good, so I did that one too," she said.

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A wild weekend filled with 20 miles of running and 38 obstacles was not enough for Kaufmann though, as she will also compete in September's Tough Mudder at Northstar along side the South Yuba Club team.

Kaufmann's times and abilities are impressive. So much so that she hopes to put them up against some of the toughest competitors out there. She said she wants to compete in the Toughest Mudder event hosted in New Jersey Nov. 17-18, which is reserved for the fastest Tough Mudders from around the world.

Kaufmann said her favorite obstacle is the Funky Monkey (monkey bars) because they reminder her how far she has come.

At last year's Tough Mudder she wasn't able to finish the Funky Monkey, but after some intensive training, she had no problem with them this year.

On the other hand Kaufmann's least favorite obstacle is the Electric Eel, which she said gave her some pretty brutal shocks. The Electric Eel is a 20-yard army crawl through water and dangling electrical cords.

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