CrossFit Gold Rush offers a different kind of fit |

CrossFit Gold Rush offers a different kind of fit

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A look inside at CrossFit Gold Rush located at 1020 Whispering Pines Lane #E in Grass Valley.

The goal of CrossFit is to make participants fit for life.

It is a general and inclusive kind of fitness. Luckily, there is a new gym in the area that is anything but general and nothing if not inclusive.

CrossFit Gold Rush teaches the principles of CrossFit in an environment best described as a community. It is slightly reminiscent of a high school basketball practice. The friendships created often supersede the importance of the activity itself.

David Karas, one of the owners says simply, "First and foremost CrossFit is about community." At CrossFit Gold Rush, people keep coming back because they have found a special bond with the people involved.

The three owners, Andi Hodorowski, Jesse Hodorowski, and Karas live and breathe this community. They are self-described owner-coach-athletes. The bottom line here is that they believe in their fitness program enough to keep doing it themselves.

What a novel testament to its effectiveness. The fact that the owners are also the coaches means that the environment is more intimate and connected than what you might experience at other gyms.

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"We don't want to be like every other gym," Andi Hodorowski said. "We want to teach and we want to get to know you. You're not just some plastic ID card scanned on your way in the door."

This is true. There is no anonymity at CrossFit Gold Rush. When participants show up to a class, everyone is familiar, and on a first name basis. More experienced athletes often can be found informally coaching beginners and ultimately it is near impossible to feel unnoticed.

The idealism and passion that the owners bring to this place is truly impressive and may be partly related to the fact that opening CrossFit Gold Rush was not a financially driven endeavor. All of the coaches have other jobs.

The vision was always for this to be a special place.

"It (opening the gym) was inspired by the desire to create somewhere for people to improve their lives via fitness." Jesse Hodorowski said.

This dream is currently being realized for the three owners. Their gym site off of Whispering Pines Lane has only opened just recently and already there has been a tremendous response.

Anthony Michel, a client, has been attending classes at CrossFit Gold Rush for a little over two months and has been overcome by the changes he's seen in that period.

"The coaches here are amazing," Michel says, "This training has been so good for me physically and mentally. It really has had a positive impact on my entire life."

So, what exactly is CrossFit? In Karas' words, "Some people see barbells and think it (CrossFit) is strength training. Some people see ropes and rings and think it is gymnastics training. The beauty is that it is both and of course a whole lot more."

The 'more' is immediately apparent once you walk through the doors at CrossFit Gold Rush. There is no judgment about how much weight you can lift or how far you can run. Sometimes the workouts don't even involve either of these things. There are no awkward glances in the mirror to see who's staring at you from behind. There are no mirrors. CrossFit is different and CrossFit Gold Rush is a different kind of gym. For the coaches and clients at CrossFit Gold Rush, it's never felt so good to be different.

CrossFit Gold Rush welcomes new members. If you are interested in a free introductory session or would just like to come observe a class please email: or check out their website:

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