Smoking banned at river |

Smoking banned at river

Laura Brown
Staff Writer

Those who enjoy a cigarette after a dip in the river will have to save it for their cars now that state and federal agencies have posted a smoking ban on public lands due to threats of wildfire.

State Parks District Superintendent Pam Armas signed a posted order for a smoking ban at the South Yuba River State Park on July 10. Signs have been posted at all park entrances.

Bureau of Land Management banned smoking at the beginning of summer.

“The fire danger is so high right now it’s really dangerous to be smoking on trails,” said Jeremy McReynolds, Lieutenant supervising ranger for the South Yuba River.

People are allowed to smoke in their vehicles in a parking lot.

Violators of the posted order are subject to a misdemeanor citation with fines up to $1,000, McReynolds said. Smoking includes any smoking device or cigarette that is ignited with an open flame or any device capable of lighting a fire.

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A similar smoking ban was issued on the Tahoe National Forest where people must be in a vehicle, a building or a cleared three foot by three foot area.

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