rest stops changed for the worse |

rest stops changed for the worse

When we moved to Grass Valley in 2003 to build a home and settle here, we broke ground in February and moved in August — the same year! Good builder and few changes.

So we were nonplused by the replacement of the rest stops at Donner Summit. We had stopped at them during our commutes to visit grandkids in Truckee, and found them to be in good repair with a light and airy atmosphere.

But three summers ago, if I remember right, they were closed and torn down, and over the last few years, slowly replaced. Seemed to take a long time to build two bathrooms and a lobby, given I was able to get a whole house built in seven months.

I stopped at the eastbound rest stop recently. The external work was still not complete, but the bathrooms were open. They were as functional as before. The light, airy look has been replaced by a grey, institutional look more fitting to the inside of a prison. Maybe people were staying too long before?

Anyway, yet another reason I don't understand how California spends money.

Dave Nelson

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