Questions regarding Chief Fike |

Questions regarding Chief Fike

Mike Flannery
Grass Valley

I just finished reading the recent article on the severance pay for Chief Fike.

I have enjoyed both the Saturday and Tuesdays articles and found them informative and at times humorous on how the NCCFD Board of Directors and the District Attorney’s office responded to this situation. So if somebody sees D.A. Newell and grabs him by the collar, would he then say, “No problem, this was just a de minimus action?”

The question I have for the board of directors is this:

In reading the articles and the timelines quoted, Chief Fike announced on or about March 22, as stated in The Union, that he was going to retire after a long career to spend more time with family.

Then the next thing we read is that the NCCFD Board of Directors placed him on administrative leave and apparently are going to give him a severance package on top of his retirement, when, if what is alleged is true, he should be terminated.

Severance, terminate or retire, do we know which one this is?

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Webster’s Dictionary: Severance pay is extra pay given to employees who are dismissed through no fault of their own, usually based on length of time employed.

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