Obituary of William Gregory Brown |

Obituary of William Gregory Brown

William Gregory Brown passed away peacefully at home on May 30, 2017. He was 62.

Greg was born Oct, 6 1954 to William and Barbra Brown.

He graduated from high school in Torrance, CA.

He started early as an entrepreneur and bought his first apartment right out of high school.

He raced motorcycles and completed a jump over two cars with a dog on his gas tank for the show. That's incredible.

He started his career as a car body paint and repair mechanic. Although he was colorblind, he matched his colors with perfection.

He married Linda Dorton in 1978 and became stepfather to Jennifer and Rick.

He had a daughter Lisa Jane in 1983. He moved his family to Grass Valley, where his parents retired. Soon after a son William Lucas followed in 1986.

Greg enjoyed music and candlemaking, and was a collector of several different kinds of items. He liked to spent time with his mom and daughter on trips. He would also travel every year to reconnect with friends and family.

Although health problems kept arising he tried to live life to its fullest.

Greg was survived by his children William Lucas and Lisa Jane Brown of Penn Valley; brothers Jim and David; as well as uncle to Kyle and best friend and beloved son of Barbra Brown.

He was preceded in death by his father, William Brown, as well as his Grandpa and Grandma.

The family is grateful but declines flowers and donations at this time; instead, put a dollar in a machine next time you are in Reno in his honor.

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