Obituary of Scott “Spanky” Burnett |

Obituary of Scott “Spanky” Burnett

Scott "Spanky" Burnett passed away at Mercy San Juan Trauma Center in Sacramento, CA on November 19, 2016 due to complications of a stroke. He was 53.

Scott was born on November 12, 1963 in Richmond, CA.

Scott enjoyed cooking and spending time with his family and friends. He loved BBQs, cold beer, watching wrestling and good "oldies" songs and movies. He was quite the comedian and had the gift of gab. Scott was good with all of his children. He worked hard at Safeway and at his parents' cleaning business. He was a huge fan of both the 49ers and Giants. He was kind, generous and helpful. Scott was an enormous help to his stepdad, Ken Halpin, while he was going through cancer treatments.

Growing up, Scott was especially close to his favorite Aunt and Uncle in Pinole, CA. Many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and his close lifelong friends love and miss him.

Scott was known for the best-looking "Pomp" at Pinole Valley High School. And he was the #1 fan of "Spankamania"!

Scott is survived by his parents Dawn Westman-Halpin and Chuck and Shirley Burnett, all of CA; wife Jennifer Johnson of CA; children Kyleigh Johnson and Scotty Burnett of CA, Ashley Anne and Andrew Burnett of WY; siblings Brian, Kelly, Tina, Jenny, Doris, Christina and Vikki.

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