Obituary of Jack Sotter |

Obituary of Jack Sotter

Jack Sotter passed away peacefully at his home on May 9, 2014 in Roseville, Calif. lovingly embraced by his dear wife, Sophie and his

children, Pamela and Ralph. He lived his last years as he had his entire life with peace of heart and great purpose.

Jack was born in San Francisco on March 28, 1925. His angel mother raised him in the city. He worked from his boyhood during those depression

years to help support his family. Jack spent many summers in Sacramento and the Sierras with his grandparents. He graduated from Mission High in 1942 and then joined the Navy and served in the Pacific theater as Storekeeper 1st Class. The highlight of his war experience was a chance reunion with his brother Robert in 1945 in the Marshall Islands. Jack had heard that his brother, Robert, was on an adjacent ship. It was a time of high security but the brothers were granted permission to see one another and spent 15 minutes together upon the railings of Robert's ship. Imagine how wonderfully surprised their mother and grandparents were when they one day opened their newspaper and saw the photograph of the boys and an article entitled, Brothers Meet at Sea. Jack also served in the Korean War.

After the war, Jack entered the San Francisco Fire Department, where he served for thirty years. In 1950 he married the love of his life, Sophie Kirilov. Their daughter, Pamela was born in 1951 and their son Ralph followed in 1955. Jack worked for several engine companies and eventually retired as Captain of Inspectors, a position of enormous responsibility and respect. During those years in San Francisco, Jack was an active Mason and went on many camp outs with Ralph's scout troop.

After retirement, he and Sophie moved to Penn Valley where his full time job was husband, father and grandpa and his part time job was Fire Marshal of the Penn Valley Fire Department. In Penn Valley, he entertained kids and grandkids for the next eighteen years while helping keep yet another community fire-safe. Jack was a huge Giants fan.

In their later years, Jack and Sophie moved to Roseville where they lived in a quiet retirement community.

Jack was best known for his unflinching commitment to doing right as he saw it as well as for all he was willing to do for others. He stood fast for the right, whatever the circumstances and his care giving seemingly knew no bounds. He was a very attentive husband, father and grandpa and he could entertain all comers with unending stories of his growing up years, his time in the Pacific, the fire department and oh so much more.

Jack is survived by his wife, Sophie, his children, their spouses, six grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his beloved granddaughter, Megan Boyack Smith. Jack had an amazing memory and he left us all with amazing memories

of him.

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