Obituary of Helga Rohl |

Obituary of Helga Rohl

Helga Rohl passed away after battling a decade of heart disease. Helga was a true example of the American Dream arriving in the U.S. from Germany in 1960 with a little boy and only the vision of California that she had read about in her cherished books. After learning the language, she had become a nurse and headed inhalation therapist department at Tahoe National Forest Hospital. Working she soon learned to be tireless advocate for women's rights and pay equality. Her true passion which led to a long career was being a hair stylist, salon and business owner. Her keen eye for style and fashion made it a natural fit to having a dress shop and at one point had over 20 employees. She loved sharing her strengths with other women and was able to give back to her community. C.A.S.A., Women of Worth and Business and Professionals Women were some of the many. Mrs. Rohl retired to Ensenada Mexico 8 years ago. Unfortunately retirement was shortened due to poor health. Helga was an avid gardener, traveler, and photographer. Helga would not want you to be sad of her passing. She would rather you plant a flower or a tree and get together and talk about things that really mattered. Helga loved being an American and would often tell you "German by birth, American by choice". Mrs. Rohl is survived by her sister Martina Spalteholz, her husband Roff. Sons, Bruce Evans and his wife Kristie, Gary Evans and his wife Debbie. Two granddaughters, Sarah Barnes and her husband Brad, Ericka Gamboa and her husband Rudy and one grandson Robert Evans and his wife Lexi. Plus three great grandchildren. She also leaves behind her beloved partner Hal Madden. No services will be held at this time. If you knew Helga, please remember to mentor when you can, give if you are able and live life to the fullest. In lieu of flowers, plant that plant so all may share in its beauty.

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