Obituary of Donald Muentz |

Obituary of Donald Muentz

Donald Muentz died as a result of Alzheimer's July 1, 2014.

Donald was born Jan. 4, 1927. He was hired by Livermore High School in 1959 to teach English and to coach wrestling. He was a weight lifter and known for his developed muscles. Socially, he was quiet and reserved. His style was brusque and abrupt.

In 1966, he married Marjorie Heath and had two sons, Aaron and Mark. Marriage and family changed his style. He gave up weight lifting and went into Yoga and became a vegetarian. His other great interest was backpacking and hiking in the high Sierra's.

He and his wife separated in 1978 but shared parental duties. When he retired in 1991, he took care of his mother who suffered from dementia. After she died, he pursued his interest in the mountains and retired to Grass Valley in 1998. He was physically and mentally active until 2008 when dementia claimed his mind and he returned to Pleasanton to be near family.

He is survived by his sons, Aaron (Keri) and Mark, and grandchildren Lydia and Henry, two nieces Patty Troupe and Susan Frazier and cousins.

Donald was preceded in death by his parents, Fred and Lydia Muentz and his brother, Gilbert Muentz.

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