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Melvin Henderson

Melvin oliver Henderson died peacefully, on october 4th, at his home in nevada City, CA.

In a life that spanned almost 91 years, he was an army air corps pilot in WW II, a gold miner, sculptor, conceptual artist,

and a professor of art at san Francisco state University. He was also a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and a teacher who continually opened the door of possibilities to a richer life for all who met him.

Born in Colfax, CA november 10th 1922, and raised in nearby Iowa Hill, his art always expressed his deep connection to the land as well as strong ideas surrounding issues of peace and justice. during his lifetime, his generous, supportive, and creative spirit touched countless students, friends and family.

A remarkable whistler, he loved classical music, fresh corn, and watching the birds.

He is survived by his wife, susan rannells, his sister, evelyn skeels, his daughters Jilline Henderson and Kate rannells, his son, Thayrn Henderson, nieces simone skeels and Judy Lee, nephew ron Henderson, and granddaughter, Jozi Gullickson.

Memorial contributions may be made to Hospitality House, Hospice of the Foothills, and Veterans for Peace.

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