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Marty Christensen

Martin James Christensen passed away in his home on June 25, 2013, surrounded by his most beloved things: music, films, art (both acquired and his own creations) and his prized autographed Humphrey Bogart portrait.

Services will be 12 p.m. at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church of Grass Valley on July 13.

Martin James Christensen was born on Oct. 28, 1957, to Earl and Lillie Christensen at Peralta Hospital in Oakland, Calif. After growing up in the city, equipped with an academic intelligence and quick wit, he met the future mother of his children and created his proudest accomplishments: Paula Erin, Kelly Mary, Martin James II and Jason Earl. He will be deeply missed by his children; granddaughter, Riley; sister; and brother, as well as all extended family and friends.

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